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This game is a "Reverse Megaman" -- the more powers you get, the worse you are! A Ludum Dare 40 project. 

There's a main game with 4 bosses and 3 platforming areas, but you can also skip straight to a Boss Rush. If you want to play with the default non-bad powers, there's a Vanilla Boss Rush you can play as well! 

WASD to move, Spacebar to jump, left mouse click or the J key to shoot.  Jump and shoot to victory!

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file, ensuring that both the Data folder and the .exe are in the same folder. Then open the .exe file to run the game.

The attached concept art by Jonathan Vair is unreleated and far older than this project, but I thought it would be neat to add!


morph1.jpg 318 kB
ProjectMorph_v1.1.zip 30 MB

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